Title: Colectivaizeishon
W/D: Daniel Tunnard
Format: Documentary in chapters for tv and as a feature film for threatical release
Lenght: 80'
Shooting location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Shooting start: September 2012

Status: financing, Preproduction
Executive Producer: Vero Martin, la ofi-cine, Germany /
Producers: Vero Martin (la ofi-cine, GER), Nicolás Borestein (Comando tv, AR), Alfredo Federico (39Films, IT) & Daniel Tunnard

Colectivaizeishon: The Brit Who Took All The Buses In Buenos Aires, is a non-fiction book and documentary project in which Daniel Tunnard takes all 141 buses in the city of Buenos Aires. The book and film combine laugh-out-loud
humour, quirky historical asides and unlikely autobiographical anecdotes, and is a wonderfully evocative piece about the city of Buenos Aires.

Colectivaizeishon is an original blend of absurd travel log, little-known histories, and personal memoir, written In a witty, sensitive and captivating style. In August 2009, Buenos Aires-based British writer Daniel Tunnard set out to take all 141 buses in the city of Buenos Aires. A combination of bad weather, a bad back and encroaching sense of pointlessness conspired to make him give up the idea after just six buses. In September 2011, with more time and better organization on his side, he made his second attempt, and at the time of writing he's one sixth of the way through and expects to be finished by March 2012. The story Is already being serialized in a twice-weekly column in the Argentine newspaper La Razón.

English translation at: danieltunnard.blogspot.com

About the title
The Argentine Spanish word for bus is colectivo.
The nonsense word colectivaizeishon is a comical phonetic rendering of the Argentine pronunciation of “collectivization”, which in this case could be defined as the action and effect of taking all the colectivos in Buenos Aires.

About the writer and director
(in first person)
From 2008-2010 I was involved in writing, producing and acting in an animated sitcom for Fox with Faivre Hermanos in Buenos Aires. Having produced five finely crafted episodes, the sitcom was cancelled due to financial Issues in Europe and never aired. Although I didn’t cut the comedy mustard for Rupert Murdoch, some
people think this to be A Good Thing.
As well as the twice weekly column in La Razón, I have published articles in English and Spanish in Clarín and Matador

I have written three novels and am looking for a publisher for the third, Freddiementary, about a struggling filmmaker who is writing a Freddie Mercury biopic when Brian May appears in his wardrobe and takes him on a surreal adventure.

About the producers (also in first person)
Vero Martin
Having trained as a CD for advertising firms such as Y&R and Saatchi & Saatchi, Vero studied film, completed a Master's Degree in Film Production, founded a production house in Berlin that works mostly in co-producing films from Latin America and other less successful places like the USA and Germany.
Her films have received many major international awards at major international film festivals. Please visit la ofi-cine

Nicolás Borestein (Producer, Argentina)
Coming soon...

Alfredo Federico
(Producer Italy)
39Films (39F),is a multimedia production company launched in Italy in October 2010 by Alfredo Federico, ex coo of Costa Films (where he worked very closely with the The Latin American Film Fund, a joint venture with The Weinstein Company and MUBI, the fastest growing online cinemateque).
Alfredo Federico was involved in many high profile auteur movies, such as: Elite Squad directed by Jose Padilha (Berlin Film Festival, Golden Bear Winner, 2008), The Burning Plain directed by Guillermo Arriaga (Venice Film Festival, in Official Competition, 2008), L'Artista directed by Mariano Cohn & Gaston Duprat (Executive Producer, Rome Film Festival, in Official Competition, 2008), Castro directed by Alejandro Moguillansky (Locarno and London Film Festivals, 2009), and Accursed Summer directed by Luís Ortega (Executive Producer).Upcoming production include 12 Apostoli (coproduced with Cinecitta), Sweetland and Maquiavelli.Visit 39Films

A few words on the Production
Pov (Point of View)
The documentary, to be filmed entirely from the buses with a compact adventure sports HD camera, will be a combination of stunning cityscape visuals, an engaging,entertaining voiceover, and an original soundtrack composed and performed by various Buenos Aires musicians.
Overall structure
Colectivaizeishon is composed by 9 bus tours, 9 chapters... 9 stories, 9 new persons to be interviewed and 10 reflexion about time, life in Buenos Aires, life in general...
Music'S role?

Colectivaizeishon is planned as a documentary in segments to be aired on TV in four parts and also as an 80-minute documentary film. We know this is not a commercial film but Daniel’s witty POV and writing are sure to make this film a real success, not only in Argentina, but at festivals around the world. The articles in La Razón and on Daniel's blog have already attracted considerable interest from readers in the USA, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Latin America.

Daniel in La Razón (Spanish)
Daniel in La Razón (English)  
Todos los colectivos y sus historias en el diario LA RAZON   Daniel's Blog
    Colectivaizeishon in Facebook
  Interviews with Daniel
    Lalo Mir


Dossier (soon)
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